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Strong and practically invisible splints stabilize and align the DIP or PIP joint to boost hand function. Molded from 1/16″ (1.6mm) translucent plastic without seams. Can be employed to right lateral deviation, swan-neck deformity and versatile boutonniere deformity, assistance mallet finger injury, and help avert trigger finger. Two ring splints can be used to provide complete immobilization at the PIP or DIP for rest and control. Each single Oval-8 splint fits a complete size and, when rotated 180°, an additional half size, to accommodate fluctuations in edema and temperature that can have an effect on finger size. Sizing can only be determined making use of sizing kit. Latex cost-free.
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  • HCPCS Code: L3927

SALE Price: $ 10.00

I was suffering from serious trigger finger and a physician advised the Oval 8 splint and I had 1 and I lost it. I was devasted as I did not have easy access to the physician any longer. When I found I could acquire this on-line I was ecstatic. I put on it each night in bed and the anguish is gone and I rarely lock up any a lot more. I very advocate trying this ahead of surgery.

S. A. Mears
All I can state this splint is a wonderful thought but do not purchase it until finally you happen to be confident about the appropriate size.. It really is fairly useless if it does not fit snug.

I’ve had trigger-finger for about a month in my middle finger. Attempted a lot of diverse things including tape and conventional splints. I write code for a living so the splints and tape were not functioning for me, so thought I’d drop ching on the Oval-8. It’s nicely worth the cash. Following a couple weeks of wearing this the swelling has gone down considerably and I am able to make a loose fist without any ‘clicking’. I’d get another a single of these devoid of flinching.

For sizing, I went with the a crap-shoot. I put on a size ten ring on my ring finger so figured the size 12 was probably my very ideal shot and as it turns out, fits quite well. I do not know what the “sizing kit” is and did not want to shell out additional money if it was not going to work out. The “half-size” they mention in the description is not truly helpful because the oval-8 splint is tapered to fit on your finger in only one particular direction. Yeah, you can turn it about and get a tighter match, but then the edge of the tapered ring digs into your finger and gets actually uncomfortable soon after a ten or 15 mins. something I do not want to wear for an extended period. If you do not want to drop ching on the sizing kit, I would recommend ordering massive and wrapping athletic tape around the ring portion to take up the additional space.

All-in-all a really excellent item. I am pleased with it.

Devin Wixon

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